Leo rising astrology sign

They can pull all this off because they are just big kids at heart. This Ascendant is warm, generous and fun to be around. Leo Rising is usually of sunny disposition, although they usually speak their mind.

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They can be extremely stubborn, and it can be challenging for them to break bad habits or behaviors. Their innate tenacity is one of their greatest assets, though. Even when everyone else is tired out and ready to give up, Leo Ascendant is still ready to inspire everyone to keep up the good work.

Leo Rising is full of energy and enthusiasm. Once they are excited about something, they're ready to jump right in. Despite this, they may be inclined to lie back and watch the activity.

Some negative aspects to this Ascendant may result in a manipulative, power-hungry person whose ego must constantly be massaged. With a slightly different angle, Leo Ascendant could be loud and aggressive, or overwhelming. They can be self-absorbed to the point that it is difficult for them to take advice from others.

They sometimes think asking for advice is a sign of weakness. Leo Rising is usually creative and may have talents in art, music or acting. They are prone to overwork, heart problems, anxiety and other ailments associated with overdoing everything. They are very competitive… it doesn't matter what the contest may be. Confidence is not a problem with Leo Ascendant. They exude it in gallons. Don't embarrass them, especially in public.

Leo Ascendant // Rising Sign

Their dignity is of utmost importance. Leo Rising is vital, courageous and full of pride. They can be impulsive, faithful and take risks others may cringe from. They love nice clothes and a nice environment to call their own. While their anger is quick to rise, they let it go easily once they've had their say. They are natural romantics and love to dream… the difference is they may have the drive to make them come true. Return from Leo Rising back to Rising Signs. Fairness will still be important, but so will be getting what they want.

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Their creativity, intelligence, and motivation levels will also get a boost. Scorpio people are creative, passionate, and a bit mysterious. Born under Leo rising, they are likely to be more confident than the average Scorpio. Their creativity will be something worth bragging about, and their passions are likely to turn towards beautiful people.


Your Ascendant is Leo

They are likely to have more realistic goals than the average Scorpio person as well. Sagittarius people like to roam around, making new friends and trying new things wherever they go. If a Sagittarius is lucky enough to be born under Leo rising , they will gain more direction in their goals than other Sagittarius people have.

They will still be creative and sociable, but their intelligence will be sure to get a great boost! Capricorn people are practical, steady, and intelligent.

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As per the Leo rising predictions , the Leo rising helps to make them more creative and sociable than an average Capricorn person would ever be. Their goals are likely to be more impressive, especially once they accomplish them. A Capricorn born under Leo rising will be livelier than ever! Aquarius people are fun, social, and creative. When born under Leo ascendant , they keep all of these traits, but they become more intelligent and focused as well. These people will have concrete goals instead of being as aimless as the average Aquarius. They will still be just as much fun as they always were, though.

The Ascendant, Rising Sign in Astrology

Pisces people are some of the most creative and romantic people out there. When born under Leo rising sign , this sign will likely think of new ways to produce beautiful works of art. They will have concrete goals, which will help them to become more successful than the average Pisces. Leo helps the signs to become greater than they ever could have imagined, more creative than in their dreams, and more social than any parties out there. All in, a sign born under Leo rising is a pretty lucky sign.

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