Astrology is not bullshit

Uh, is it possible to blacklist astrology? You wanna know your personality for you sign? Your personality is dickhead, regardless of your sign. I get hot too damn easily, I gotta be the big spoon so I can dump your ass off on the other side of the bed wtf. I showed it to Purim and she agreed. Sagittarius with Taurus This is an attraction of radically different natures. It can blow extremely hot and extremely cold without either of you quite understanding what triggers the change.

Taurus is an earth sign, affectionate and possessive, with a love of security and a deep appreciation of sensual pleasures and material beauty. But you need to be careful not to polarise. Try to avoid attempting to change each other.

Astrology Is Still Bullshit and the Universe Doesn't Care About You

My zodiac signs are Rooster and Cancer, and I think they mean I was born sometime from June 21st to July 23rd in the year of the Rooster. Log in Sign up. Say it with me. Allergic to Baloney. So sick of people judging and appreciating others just because of their zodiac sign. All Horoscopes are bullshit, you hear? The rule of unsolicited advice.

The rule is unless the person is harming themselves or others, keep your mouth shut. Example: -Their clothes are ridiculous: shut up. You get the point. Why are there so many people who believe in astrology on this site? Welcome to Tumblr! You all realize that Astrology is bullshit, right.

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Unpopular, rather controversial opinion:. Daily reminder that astrology is indeed bullshit. Arse-strology, more bloody like.

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Secret Diary of a Fat Admirer astrology is bullshit. Meh astrology. People that believe in astrology make me so angry. Y'all astrology folks need to keep in mind that Donald Trump is a gemini and Bernie is a virgo. We're in the 21st Century, so:. Oh wait, no need. I already unfollowed you.

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is an atheist but strictly believes in astrology? Welcome to Tumblr!

Me: Another astrology post? When are people going to give up on this crap? Also me: This astrology post is super accurate. I'm such a Gemini astrology is bullshit but it's kinda fun. This interpretation leaves far too much wiggle room for astrology to simply sound like affirmations of what people want to hear about themselves and think about the world.

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Even worse, the nurturing approach psychologists take has polluted modern astrology with watered-down interpretations that seek to protect their clients. Where is the trust in that? With the feel-good, pop-psychology variety of astrology growing like fungal spores throughout the millennial covens of the internet, both believers and skeptics are cause for concern. But in the past 20 years, traditional astrological texts have been translated into modern languages for the first time.

These texts come from the same scientists who produced the first analog computer and principles of geometry that we still use today. Modern astrology may be overrun with mushy hocus-pocus thanks to conflations with psychology, but newly accessible ancient astrological methods could produce a revival in the power and credibility of the craft. That might be because sun-signs astrology is a recent creation designed to appeal to mass audiences. Pop astrology was born in the late 19th century during the boom in new-age exploration, and was then fueled by developments in psychology in the 20th century.

The notion that your sun sign indicates your character was popularized by esotericist Alan Leo in England in the s. He was part of a group called the Theosophical Society that scoured spiritual traditions of all sorts looking for wisdom that would help society get to the next stage of development.

His writing garnered enough of an audience to provoke several legal battles in the s for unlawfully practicing fortunetelling. The sun-sign approach to astrology continued to grow in popularity through newspaper columns in the first half of the 20th century and boomed when New Age went mainstream in the s. When modern science was making humanity look smaller and more insignificant than ever, people found it reassuring to think of their personalities as being reflected in the stars.

Jung, who created the psychological categories of introversion and extroversion and formed the basis for the popular Myers-Briggs personality test, placed astrology on par with mythology in explaining the workings of the human psyche. As far as he was concerned, it was all just in our minds. People who claim that astrology as practiced in its current form is based on thousands of years of tradition are wrong.

Originally, astrology flourished in the Hellenistic period alongside various sciences like mathematics, medicine, and engineering. When the Roman empire fell in the 5th century, Hellenistic texts of all kinds were scattered and fragmented over the millennium as their standing with Christian and secular European society fell in and out of favor.

Ancient astrology looked to be delegated to dusty Greek attics. Does that mean I'm all of these signs? Of course not. What it probably means is someone slapped some generic adjectives to the word 'bitch' knowing that whoever was reading it would relate to it. I bet if you had no prior knowledge about your sign, you'd read these and think "Oh my gosh, those are totally me, that's like so crazy!

In reality, however, they really don't make that much sense. I'm not hating on zodiac signs and astrology as a whole. It can be pretty interesting when you have real facts. You might even discover a few things about yourself that you never really noticed before. All I'm saying is, you might want to delve deeper into the meaning of your sign before you get it tattooed permanently on your body, or start acting all high and mighty just because some random picture told you that you were the baddest bitch.

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