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To say that being a single parent isn't easy is an understatement. You have to juggle making a living with getting the kids to soccer practice, getting dinner on the table and ensuring your family always knows how much you love them It's a tall order, but the good news is, you don't need to be a superman or superwoman to get it done.

With a little help from Astrology, you can avoid some common parenting pitfalls and make the sailing a little smoother. Thursday, July 14 opposes the Sun in self-protective Cancer, showing us where we need to toughen up with discipline to achieve our worldly goals. Big, blue planet Neptune is celebrating its first birthday today! Ok, in Neptune years, anyway.

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Neptune, the planet of possibilities, dreams and spirituality, is From fun flings to long-term loves, summer is the season to show some skin and let the sultry temperature change affect our moods However, summer doesn't bring the world to a stop, and real world responsibilities can often smother the flame. The New Moon on Friday, July 1 is also a Solar Eclipse that may send us back to the past to complete unfinished business before taking on fresh projects.

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The sign of Cancer seeks security, but potent Pluto's opposition and revolutionary Uranus' stressful square to this Sun-Moon conjunction are likely to shake us up with unexpected experiences. Money is tight these days, and the last thing you need is someone else wreaking havoc on the financial situation you've worked so hard to stabilize.

Never fear -- Astrology is here to help! Find out which horoscope sign you should steer clear of when you're trying to keep your finances in check. How does your horoscope sign spend money? For example, what would you buy if you won the lottery and had to spend it all within 48 hours?

Fashionable Gemini might splurge on a closet full of shoes, while Taurus might stock the cellar with fine wine. What would YOU buy?


Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, August 28, | Georgia Nicols

Look to Astrology for insight about the spending styles of every sign. The Sun moves into Libra on September 23, -- the Fall Equinox above the equator and Spring Equinox below, when the days and nights are equal. Libra the scales is the partnership sign, marking the balance of day and night. A horoscope app has gone viral on social media after people began sharing the hilarious suggestions it sent them. Others simply don't believe in them and think star signs and astrology are a steaming load of nonsense.

But no matter your specific stance on them, I'm sure you'll agree that the daily suggestions being sent out by a horoscope app called Co-Star are both bizarre and downright hilarious. The quirky app has gone viral after people began sharing screenshots of their Co-Star notifications on Twitter and it's fair to say some of them are rather brutal.

According to their website, Co-Star is an AI-powered astrology app that uses a map of the sky at your exact time and place of birth combined with NASA data to create "hyper-personalized" horoscopes.

About Astrology: What It Is and Isn't

These horoscopes are sent out weekly and monthly, but users can also get sent brief messages each day entitled "Your day at a glance". This provides them with something to think about or do during the day - and they're a wild ride.

Daily horoscope for Wednesday, August 28, 12222

For instance, one notification told a user "Your biggest challenge is to avoid becoming dead inside". Others got people thinking about themselves and those around them, "Are you afraid of being considered dumb? Another suggested they: "attaching a love letter to a brick. Throw it through their window.

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  8. Disputes about inheritances, shared property and insurance issues are all over the map today. You can count on the fact that something unusual will enter the picture at the last moment and change everything.

    Sun in Libra Horoscopes

    Yes, this is a saucy day full of surprises and much stimulation! Singer Shania Twain shares your birthday today. You are precise, alert and ever vigilant. You have a strong intuition and you are always sincere. This is a fun-loving year. Enjoy increased popularity and warm friendships.

    This year you will be more grateful for your life and will appreciate the happiness and beauty around you in a daily way. You will make an important choice — choose wisely. Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles.

    We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. Visit our community guidelines for more information. Georgia Nicols. Filed under Life Horoscopes. Aries March April 19 Today you might see innovative ways to make improvements at work, especially with technology. Taurus April May 20 Your personal freedom is important you today.