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Most of the day will be Till: morning You have a lot that demands your attention today, which might make you slightly baffle Till: morning You have an all in all successful, energetic and positive day.

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Whether you are employe Till: morning Your family takes the centre stage today. You might need to sit and be a part of impor Till: morning This is not the best of the days of the year, but things will get better sooner than y Till: morning A great day with a great start! You could receive a surprise gift that makes you very Your ability to find the luck-meets-opportunity-moment won't be easy, but nothing worthwhile does.

Libra, it's time to get creative to help you think up a new idea or to get inspired! You never know what can happen when you allow a bit of play to enter your day. You might not like to change your routine around on such short notice, but perhaps a little deviation from your everyday pace will be good for your mind.

Scorpio, you are a superstar. You are really motivated and driven today.

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Your ability to transform a grim situation makes you an invaluable player at your job. If you are trying to make a good, solid impression, stick with a strong work ethic as today's energies support success in your efforts.

Harvest Moon horoscope 12222: What does the Full Moon mean for your zodiac?

Sagittarius, two amazing opportunities can open up for you and you may wish you could explore them both. You could receive good news or several job offers and wonder which one to choose. Your opportunities to grow are endless this week, as the Sun and Jupiter activate one another sparking good fortune in your personal and professional life. Capricorn, keep your mind sharp. Be a student of life.

Read good books. Watch and listen to people in the know.

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You may find that your ability to expand your knowledge is what gives you an edge over your competition. You have the charismatic potential to be a powerful force in the workplace and beyond. Aquarius, don't argue with angry people.

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When people are angry, they look for a reason to argue with you. You can't help them to feel better or change something that's out of your control.

Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, October 8, | Georgia Nicols

The only way to make life easier is to avoid contention and people who love to stir the pot. Pisces, life is often described as an illusion. Your way of thinking is a collection of thoughts and ideas that contribute to your reality now.

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You can adapt a new lifestyle or make changes in what you say and do and who you hang around. It all starts with a choice. Aria Gmitter, M.

ARIES (March 21 - April 21)

The ruler of this Full Moon, gas giant Jupiter, is strong in the sign of Sagittarius, though in a hard aspect to the Sun and Harvest Moon. Issues may consequently seem quite inflated, meaning we may be tempted to take risks, feeling overconfident or motivated by powerful feelings.

Water signs tend to already carry within them greater emotional attunement than any other element, Numerologysign. People report feeling a sense of nourishment and tenderness over this sensitive Full Moon.