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This being also introduced to man the knowledge of masonry and the design of the Ziggurat which became the basis for the pyramids in Egypt. A few knowledgable Christians view the Apkallus as a type of fallen angel, or Earthly Elohim the magistrates of early man. After the flood Ham the son of Noah unhappily discovered this and taught it to his sons. This became ingrained into the Egyptians, Persians, and Babylonians.

Ham died shortly after the fall of the Tower of Babel. Nimrod, called Ninus by the Greeks, was handed this knowledge and by it caused men to go away from the worship of God and go into diverse and erratic superstitions and began to be governed by the signs in the stars and motions of the planets. Ford, Luciferian Sorcery. As Lugalbanda, Cush was an officer in the Uruk army of king Enmerkar, prior to becoming himself the king of Sumer. Shem is then said to have alloted her to Cush. The woman Cush married was an Earthly Elohim known to the Egyptians as Hathor, mother to black king Nimrod, builder of the first Empire, the kingdom of Babylon and Sumer.

Therefore, Nimrod was fathered by Cush on the behalf of Shem. The Elohim had hoped man would walk the straight path but King Nimrod walked in hata, that is in opposition to both the Supreme God and the Elohim administrators. These were the god-kings and tyrants from before the Flood, which we are told also endured afterward. Nimrod is likened to his predatory forbears, not only in greatness but also in greediness.

Because of continued infertility due to incest, this form of cooperation became an integral part of the reproductive model for future generations of royalty. The Egyptian New Kingdom was established through an identical covenant between two rival princes. A incredibly interesting aspect of this book is that part of it is told from the perspective of Gilgamesh who is himself a Giant or Nephilim.

In the epic Gilgamesh, like the giants, is the product of divine-human parentage. This lineage is not treated as an unnatural mixing of separate realms, in marked contrast to the giants. Perhaps due to his divine lineage, Gilgamesh was over time deified, and by the Old Babylonian period his name appears in god lists. With the knowledge given to them by the Apkallus, Cush and his son Nimrod were able to form the ancient city of Babylon Babilu, Bawru. The Sumerians and all of Babylon grew large under the rule of King Nimrod.

Nimrod ventured into all nearby lands and murdered many peoples and tribes. These included the making of swords and knives, shields and breastplates; the knowledge of metals and the working of them; making bracelets and ornaments and applying makeup; costly stones and coloring tinctures; enchantments and root cuttings; astrology, the constellations and clouds; the signs of the earth, sun and moon.

They invented the wheel, math, the alphabet, astronomy, science, architect, navigation, irrigation, agriculturem sculpture and the textile industry; knowledge which was later transmitted to Greece and Rome. John L. Black Sumerians created numerous maps of the stars and invented a form of Babylonian Gematria, based on units of 6 and 60, with larger increments of each which corresponded to the Sumerian military units of 10 soldiers to one commander. These fish-like beings named the heir of the kingdoms their fish.

This puts the extent of Black rule to as far as Asia. He has been used to curse and brand a people and is the ideal for all corruption and power that had ever been unleashed upon the earth. His name is only rivaled by Adolph Hitler in the minds of modern man. Legend states that some of the hybrid children of the fallen angels, known as Nephilim, survived the great deluge flood of Noah.

The remaining giants fled to the hills of Sumer to live amongst the firs of Lebanon. However, overtime the Nephilim became vicious and blood thirsty. Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones. The Giants attacked man and drank their blood thus the legend of vampires and eventually acquired a taste for flesh both human and pig. Most are drawn to the religion of their god, that is Satanism, which includes magick, astrology, witchcraft and numerology.

In the past the Nephilim were obsessed with the drinking of blood and cannibalism, so it is interesting to note that this is what Satanism has at its core of ritualism. Nimrod rose up to strike down the demigods in Greek Titans who lived amongst the firs of Lebanon and put an end to their blood lust but mostly to eliminate his possible competition. Thus Nimrod became known as a mighty hunter, or in other words a giant killer. But what if they were based on something that really happened?.. King Nimrod won the battle against the Nephilim of Sumer and began to chop down the firs of their forest home.

This led to extensive deforestation. Gilgamesh slept with all the women in his kingdom, perhaps to perpetuate his dying line of nephilim. Additionally the connection with the historic king Gilgamesh supports the theory that the nephilim were men of renown and not physical giants. From the ancient sources we might assume that Hathor could live forever. His quest for immortality is detailed in the Gilgames Gilgamesh Epic. Now, as we look at Gilgamec, could not he escape because of his mother?

This is also where part of the notion of bad karma came into existence as king Nimrod was killed but later returned in the form of a bull — Molech Balrog.

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Such was the Persian Zohak or Dehak. However, Israel was not exempt from the satanic deception and power of the Babylonian gods, their religion and self- rule. When they fell away from God and sought to make a name for themselves they became corrupt and built altars to worship Baal Molech etc. They, like the Babylonians, burnt their sons in the fire, even set up their detestable idols in the house of the LORD.

Somehow, Semiramis convinced the people that Tammuz was actually Nimrod reborn. Since people had been looking for the promised savior since the beginning of mankind see Genesis , they were persuaded by Semiramis to believe that Tammuz was that savior, even that he had been supernaturally conceived. Before long, in addition to worshiping Tammuz or Nimrod reborn , the people also worshiped Semiramis herself as the goddess of fertility.

In other cultures, she has been called Ishtar, Ashtur and yes, Easter. A few years later, Semiramis bore a son, Horus or Gilgamesh.

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She declared that she had been visited by the spirit of Nimrod, who left her pregnant with the boy. Horus, she maintained, was Nimrod reincarnated. With a father, mother, and son deified, a deceptive, perverted trinity was formed. Upon the death of Nimrod, various tribes of Canaan and Chaldea entered the forest of Lebanon and placed decorations around its trees.

They decorated the trees and prayed to them in the hopes that spirits of the forest, which later became known as djinn genies , would grant them a wish. Over several hundred years the Romans adopted many of the pagan rites and traditions of the ancient world including honoring the Draco seed. Thus in time Christians adopted many of these pagan traditions and incorporated them into the holiday of Christmas.

Overtime the Christmas tree developed and is decorated today as it was before in honor of the Nephilim and all the fallen or Draco seed. Abaddon is identified as the Destroyer as well as King Ruler among locusts released from the Abyss in the New Testament.

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It is Abaddon who will proclaim to be the reincarnation of Nimrod, as well as a demigod of ancient alien birth or Draco seed. This is the 8th king, and this individual is represented by the entire Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns. This is who the world will be astonished to see. This king is a fallen angel named Abaddon or Apollyon. This fallen angel Abaddon is the Beast from the Sea.

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Genesis — Cush was the father of Nimrod who grew to be a mighty warrior on the earth. Note also that the stars are shown as inverted pentagrams, an occult symbol.

The crane is a symbol that this is an ongoing mission, the new tower of babel, is under construction and they believe that they will be successful this time around. So we are looking for:.

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You know what? Those are major precepts of the esoteric beliefs of the world elite. They are not Christians or anything related. Their belief system is based on the Mystery Religions pagan rituals, worship of the Sun, considering Lucifer as the one who gave light to the human race, seeing God as a force wanting to keep humans in the dark.

Their New World Order will have evacuated all worship of God, introduced a single language and changed democracy to tyranny. Her children were t he stars. The woman appears in different ways throughout various cultures and times just as Nimrod, but remains the same corrupt and satanic counterfeit religious system and global power. He is mentioned in the Holy Bible Torah in Isaiah Sargon II destroyed and murdered numerous groups of ancient people including Israelites.

His attempts to create a World Order gave the ancient world a taste of tyrannical government. Abaddon is identified as the Destroyer as well as King Ruler among locusts released from the Abyss in the New Testament book of Revelation.