Iron ring in middle finger astrology

Pure Shani Iron Plain Ring Saturn Handmade Horse Shoe Shani Challa Energised Astrology Band IR002-3

Offer Buy any 2 products and get flat Rs. Rs Rs Black Horse Shoe Ring is a universal good luck charm, Black horse shoe Ring is used everywhere and is always suspended with Horns for Good Luck, removal of the effects of Sade sati and that of malefic planet Saturn and evil spirits and a ring made out of this gives remarkable results.

It should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand. Horse Shoe Ring removes malefic effects of 'Sadhesati' caused due to Saturn, eradicates ill-effects of evil spirits and brings immense good luck and wealth to the wearer. New to Best Price Register.

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Giving away in charity iron articles or immersing iron metal in flowing water are suggested to please Saturn. Wearing of ring made out of worn out Black horse shoe on the middle finger starting from any Saturday and continuing to wear the same for the period under the influence of Saturn is likely to bring fruitful results in business, giving security against accidents and minimize the depressions of daily life.

Wearing a ring in the middle finger, made out of old nail taken out of Boat also escorts the ill effects of Saturn Planet.

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Hanging black horse shoe worn out one on the door, driving with nails is strongly recommended to ward off evil effects of Saturn Planet and earn his favours. Applying black vermilion on the forehead Tilak-Spinus Mark will please Saturn.

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Charity and help given to physically handicap lepers are considered to please Saturn. Fasting on Saturdays, especially in winter season appeases Saturn. Toggle navigation Toggle search 0 items.