Cancer and cancer compatibility in bed

Taurus and Cancer are both focused on home and family with an emphasis on creating a stable, loving environment for the children they both want.

Cancer Love Chart

This is a fundamental alignment that gives them a great advantage in marriage despite the differences in their personal styles. With time and the trust that inevitably grows between them, they will learn to accept each other for who they are and love them all the more for it. They value the gifts the other brings, their shared agreements as parents, and their focus on caring for their children. They are both wonderful parents, strong and loving, with Cancer providing the primary nurturing while Taurus provides the safe and comfortable environment.

Cancer and Cancer Love Compatibility

Taurus is sensual and physically affectionate, while Cancer is empathic and responsive. Once their bond is affirmed in marriage, their sexual connection can only deepen. Both have relatively simple needs: touch and affection, closeness and caresses, followed by deep strong sex that doesn't need to be fancy to be powerful. With these two, the feeling and sensation are most important. Both signs love foreplay and long sensual caresses.

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If Cancer's emotional needs are not met, he or she will resort to fantasies for a sexual boost but because Taurus is naturally kind co-ruled by Venus , the sexy give and take of each moment will likely be plenty hot enough. These two signs are very lucky to find one another. Her own demonstrations of affection could prove overwhelmingly cloying to him, and eventually could drive the couple apart if not addressed.

The Cancer man is more sensitive than society often allows him to admit, and as such, can sometimes put up a front much in the same way that a crab conceals its more sensitive interior under a hard outer exoskeleton. That said, his romantic side is endearing to her, and she similarly helps lift his spirits when the world feels a bit too oppressive and renders him crestfallen. The Gemini woman puts her head before her heart, so might not be as emotionally demonstrative with the consistency that the Cancer man would like. Thanks to some superb humour on both sides and a genuine desire to see the world a better place, both Cancer and Gemini are well suited to cultivating a meaningful friendship that goes the distance.

Of course, Cancer should be mindful of the fact that Gemini keeps many friends across many different areas of society, and certainly will never have sole claim to how Gemini spends his or her free time.

Cancer and Cancer

What times the Cancer and Gemini friendship promises though, thanks to how the dynamics in this pairing set off the spontaneous sides in each. Sudden trips out, distractions at the movie theatre or planning a trip together to a sunny destination all hold plenty of appeal for Cancer and Gemini friends.

Art and creativity are also clear winners with this kind of bond, as the more mysterious nature of the Cancer individual meshes with the rapid-fire ideas and communication of Gemini. Brainteasers and puzzles, as well as team quizzes, are fun ways for these two friends to connect. The pacy mind of Gemini is complemented nicely by the natural curiosity of Cancer people, and the two can make for some surprisingly keen investigators into things amiss in their social circle when the need arises.

When emotions become overwhelming for Cancer, the Gemini friend can step in not only to cheer him or her up, but also offer some perspective from a more detached point of view.

That said, emotions can crush an unprepared Gemini too, and loyal Cancer will prove a very giving and loyal friend in times of hardship, heartbreak and loss. There could be some issues to work through when it comes to getting a Cancer and Gemini marriage off the ground.

Dating Compatibility

Cancer people are pretty much built for marriage, valuing long-term relationships and friendships that change little over time. Meanwhile, Gemini is a fast moving individual who almost seems to have a thousand personalities all at once. Gemini people change their mind fast and always want to see around the next corner, and to do that, they believe that personal freedom is all important. To some Gemini people, marriage is too much like a cage closing down on them, locking them in place when they need freedom to roam.

Gemini will nonetheless enjoy the socialisation of the wedding itself, but will need to watch themselves in the marriage as the years roll by. Coupled with an occasionally wandering eye, which Cancer is certain to disapprove of, and there are recipes for rows here for sure.

Quick Tips for Aquarius-Cancer Couples

The aesthetic eye both of these partners have will make for a beautiful home, where guests will feel welcome and doted on. When it comes to raising a family, Cancer will likely be more emotionally invested in the children than the more busy and detached Gemini partner — but Cancer will also need advice from time to time not to be too soft a touch in looking after them! Gemini is an air sign, and Cancer is a water sign — and air will always fly away above water, untouchable.

Cancer people also often go through periods of feeling down and crestfallen, no matter how well life is going. That said, Gemini is quite the gossip themselves, and Cancer thinks all this he said she said nonsense is a petty waste of time. The relationship will certainly run hot and cold, going from flirty and passionate to quiet and almost disinterested in one another as all these emotional, mental and miscommunicated elements stir up the pot, for all the wrong reasons.

Cancer and Gemini relationships are often a question of mind over matter and extending the hand of compassion, even when all one or the other partner wants to do when the going gets tough is either hide away or fly to somewhere more intellectually engaging.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer nurtures and Gemini bristles with ideas, and together this couple can achieve great things. However, Cancer will often feel emotionally undernourished, and Gemini can often feel stifled and as though their wings have been clipped.