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It was uncanny how accurate he was. He brings a lot to the table in his books, I highly recommend checking them out. Gigi Young.

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Danny Myer. This website is dedicated to Hindu Astrology. What is Hindu astrology? It's the most accurate and detailed astrological science which relies on predicting about specific events in a native's life.

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She's a busy lady indeed! Below that, are easily visible links to articles featured on her site. Although he emphatically states that he is NOT an astrologer but a truth seeker, many of his followers would swear he's the real deal when it comes to a practicing astrologer. He has a book that he wrote and he often promotes in the middle of his YouTube videos, but you won't feel slighted at all. His videos are spot on and full of information that will fill your need for more intense understanding of astrology.

15 things about Kapiel Raaj you didn't know (Astrology) kapiel raaj bio

This website was intentionally created to not include overdone readings or articles. Nicole Huntsman is a Libra who began studying astrology and since then she has helped thousands of people from celebrities to every day individuals on their relationships, compatibility and more.

Kapiel Raaj on planets in Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology (Must Watch)

Her YouTube videos give detailed information on zodiac sign compatibility. She covers all zodiac sign relationship combinations and other topics related to astrology. The first thing you notice about her website, Modern Cosmic is its minimalistic style and its pricey services. She has links that take you to articles that inform you on anything you need to learn about astrology as a newcomer. These are a series of videos and each is focused on a different zodiac sign but they are all part of the above article. As such, researching her personal information is a little bit harder since most of her work is based upon her contributions on astrology.

However, she has also published a series of twelve books focused on the Sun signs that's available through Amazon.

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This is a popular astrologer who was inspired to make a positive change in the world at a young age. Motivated by the fact that physical life has an end, she began learning about astrology, numerology, metaphysics, and tarot in her teens. At sixteen years old, on the recommendation of a friend, she attended her first astrology workshop hosted by a local community college. Two years later, she had her first professional reading and resolved to learn as much information as she could to become a professional astrologer herself.

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Sonny Rosatti is the astrologer behind this website. It may not be ranking high in aesthetics, but all of its information is easily accessible. He offers a full astrology reading and a tarot reading as well. Supplementing those reading options are Monday morning and weekend horoscope videos. Can Zheng T Mani Sharma T And gems work for sure but one should consult to good astrologer before wearing it. Moreover, you are not a seer or vedic scientist to challenge Red Book Remedies.

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So, control your ego. There are scientific reasons behind Red Book and all other vedic remedies. Its good you observed and share your knowledge.

Kapiel Raaj on planets in Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology (Must Watch) – Psychological Records

Pareen Vatani T Irshad Azeez T Good for you! Abdul moeed T Kanav Bhalla T Kedar St John T Uthira Arunkumar T Its Lex T Thank you KRS. Susha Radhakrishnan T Cheating or taking the shortcut would never work for anything! Astrologer Dr Shankar Bhattacharjee T In every step of life you may get misguidance, In medical, in technical field, in engineering field etc.

India was there that's why the world has come to know about astrology, this is the land of sages You are saying "to connect to the source! They have described several ways to reach the source.

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What suits you, you will accept that Aditi Verma T Rational Man T Your way of explaining astrology with spirituality is simply the best Sukanta Rout T Vinod Kumar T Anu Sharma T Kamlesh R T Gemstones are projected workaround they may work or may not. The only way and best way is to go the source. Raul S T Stop cutting corners people by wearings gemstones etc God bless. Arvind Varma T Kristos Michaelangelo de Solomon T You say in your book, it has worked for some of your family? Girish Narayan T Good job!! Sidz22 T Saulius Banys T So it's waste of time to go deeper in to so called "reality".

TRUE happiness is beyond material things. Breeze Sahu T Monica Vyas T Tina Jones T Thank you. Rafat Faisal T Sunil Dixit T Elala M T This video makes me watch some of your other videos. The name "Lal Kitab" makes me write: I remember that I used to wear a handmade necklace called "Kitab", as my mom calls it, when I was a kid. This is somewhere in E. I enjoyed you blunt style. It's true you shouldn't rely on physical objects with no consciousness to determine your life's path.

However, a true connection with God is more complicated. Look at all the failed prayers. God is more like a CEO than a middle manager. You do need to be respectful with his manager get to him. And a person does need to learn their current lessons to be allowed in. But when you're in, you're golden. Rajesh VM T Later Paramahamsa Yogananda did suffer but lesser. A chapter is dedicated for this in his book, Autobiography of a Yogi. Yuktheswargi penetrates all logic of Paramahamsa Yogananda against wearing gems. Without the grace from the source nothing is going to work, and with, anything can work.

When you are the source, everything will work but you may or may not interested. Connecting source and doing remedies will have effect. If it is not working, it simply means you are not able to connect with the source.